Find a network doctor or hospital
Blue Shield PPO plan
The Blue Shield PPO plan, lets you continue seeing your current doctor for most covered services even if your doctor isn't part of Blue Shield's extensive network. Keep in mind that you if you seek care from a physician that is not part of the Blue Shield PPO network, you will pay more for each visit.
PPO Select plan
With the PPO Select plan, you'll choose from PPO physicians and hospitals. Except for emergencies, you are not covered if you get medical treatment by non-network providers. For some services, Blue Shield may require that you use a specific network provider.
Access+ HMO
To search by primary care physician (PCP) by doctor name, select “Doctors”. To search by specialty, click on “Primary Care Physician”. You may need your selected PCP’s provider number and medical group/Independent Practice Association (IPA) number when you enroll in the HMO plan for the first time. To find these numbers click on the doctor’s address. The Medical Group/IPA ID number can be found by clicking on the physician’s medical group/IPA name.